Social Media marketing involves creation of content which attracts attention on Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter and is sharable by its active users. If done properly, it can be a growth booster for start-ups and business driver for big companies.

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           Build Fans, Followers & Emails List

Build audience which includes your followers on twitter and fans on Facebook. Encourage your contacts, friends and existing customers to like and follow your page across social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It’s important to build a genuine and healthy list of followers. They will be the ones who will help you to spread word about your business.

“Build brand with the power of social media”

Sharable Content 2

Create Sharable Content

Shareable content is quality content (graphics, videos, text posts, information) which is useful to users and which they perceive would be useful to their friends as well. Shareable content generates highly positive earned media for businesses along with organic traffic.

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2-Way Communication 

People share there reviews, appreciation and anguish for products or services on Social Media. It’s an easy platform where they can express their views. Companies can respond engage in a dialogue. This helps businesses to build better customer relationship and come up with better products or services.

“Open dialogue with customer”

Buying On Ebay With Apple Ipad Air

Get Buying Signals

Customers share their preferences for products and services on Social Media. It’s important to listen to them and analyze their sentiments. You could have your next product idea from them. If several customers are requesting a product feature update, then you should include it in your upcoming products.

“Listen customers demand”

SocialBloop’s Unique Approach to Social Media Management

  • Build and develop fan base on your social media accounts
  • Create sharable content which generates earned media and positive word-of-mouth advertising for business
  • Manage page and engage in communication with customers
  • Monthly report on Organic reach of posts, earned media and measurable outcomes likes marketing leads and revenue
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