Pay Per Click-Search Engine Advertising

Search has become our primary habit or behavior over the web. People search for information, entertainment or news. While it is free to appear in organic search, it is very difficult to rank high. But, you can show your ads for a set of keywords which are relevant to your business. Your ads will appear in the ads section of the Google or Bing search results page. Pay only when the users click on your ads. This is great way to get new customers for your business.

“Reach new customers online through paid search advertising”

                   Optimized to Show Ads to High Intent Customers

Users tell you what they are looking for with the words in their search query. Pay attention to their queries and show them relevant ads.

“We build keyword strategy and account structure around user’s intent and your business”

       Targeting across devices

Today’s customers are omnipresent. They are searching for live cricket scores, weather reports, news , movie shows timings, view videos, search for way to restaurant on their tablets and smartphones.

“We help you reach your customers, right when they need you, across devices at affordable costs”


         Landing page optimization

Our goal is to bring high intent customers to your landing pages and convert them into leads. If the landing page is not performing fine, analyze the reasons for it and update accordingly.

“We analyze why the landing pages may not be performing, build hypothesis and then a/b test those hypotheses”

keyword optimization

Keyword Optimization

Analyze advanced reports such as matched search query and search terms reports to optimize Keywords. Actively remove irrelevant clicks by inserting negative keyword.

“We implement Keyword optimization strategy”

Full control & transparency

You always have access to ad account. We manage it on your behalf and let you retain your account even if you stop advertising with us. You can measure the results & performance of your account all the time.

“Have full control of your ad accounts”

Results and Reports

Measurable Results & Reports

Measure impact of ads on your business. We report in profitability terms. After all, business is all about cash-in and cash-out.Our monthly reports clearly show how many dollars you made for each dollar spent on ads.

“We produce measurable performance reports”

SocialBloop’s Unique Approach to PPC-Search Engine Advertising

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Keyword Research
  • Account Structure
  • Text Ad Optimization

  • Optimization of Landing Page
  • Manual Bid Management
  • Negative Keywords
  • Search ads complimenting your SEO

  • Geo-targeting
  • You have Full Control of Your ads account
  • Link with Google analytics account
  • Competitor Research

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