June 2014

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Audience Diversification: Incredible strategy to succeed with Facebook ads

Now that you have read our previous blog article, “Can you recognize customers on Facebook?” you may be facing a dilemma. The dilemma is “which type of audience should you be targeting?” Should you be targeting only your custom audience or should you be targeting only look alike audience? You may also think about going

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Why Your Fans Do Not See Your Posts on Facebook

There has been great hue and cry over this topic on the internet. Page admins have complained that the organic reach for their posts has decreased drastically. For instance, read this query posted by Sarah on Facebook help center: http://goo.gl/BwMhCY A few months ago, Facebook made a major change in the way people see the posts on

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Can You Find Your Customers on Facebook

Why do some companies are highly successful with their ads on Facebook? Apply these simple ad targeting practices to increase ROI on your Facebook ads. Facebook collects a lot of data from their users. They ask for user's name, email ids, date of birth, country, where they were born, placese visited, where they studied and

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3 Simple Ways to Create a Truly Targeted Ad on Facebook

Many Facebook advertisers just boost their post when they want to reach many people on Facebook. But, in this way they are not reaching the right target audience. Facebook Advertising has become lot more advanced than what it used to be. If you use Facebook carefully then you can have high ROI on each dollar

October 2013

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Three Reasons Why Start-ups Need a Facebook Marketing Plan

Facebook has transformed the way businesses communicate to customers. Earlier it used to be one way communication through TV, radio, print media or ad campaigns. With Facebook, businesses can listen to their customers and respond to them. They can communicate their new growth plans, tell about brands, offer discounts, run campaigns, and get instant feedback

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7 ways to create an extraordinary blog

I believe that all of us- as we progress in our lives- keep on learning new stuff. Everybody gets new experiences, and develops extraordinary skills at some stuff. These experiences and insights when shared with the world enhances the world knowledge. Blogs and social media have empowered us to share our views with the world

September 2013

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Content Writing: Why We Love it (And You Should Too!)

Content writing is the sexy art of creating information that your target audience are actively looking on the internet. As I explain below, a major chunk of the time spent on internet by people is dedicated to information search. It provides great opportunity for you to create content and get visitors from organic search and

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