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    Get 500+ Customer Enquires Per Month

    Are you looking to Advertise Your Women’s Health Club? Do you want to get 100s of customers for your Ladies Fitness Club? SocialBloop can help you get over 500 customer enquiries per month. We launch unique online advertising campaigns that reach health conscious women on Social Media. Women interested in Fitness classes see the ads on Facebook and raise an enquiry either on website or through a call. View a campaign demo here: Be Where Your Customers are

  • Be Where Your Customers are

    Traditional marketing such as Radio & Newspaper ads are ineffective in reaching the exact audience. These are expensive and reach a wider audience. Women are no longer browsing through newspapers or listening to radio. However, modern women are always connected to the internet. They are present on social media either through Smartphones, Laptops or tablets. They browse the internet for health and fitness related information. Reach them online now or you would lose them to your competitors.

    John Doe

Get 500+ Customer Leads per month for your fitness centres


Advertisement for Women Fitness Centres

Online Marketing Tips


Do you have a locally owned and operated women fitness centre? Have you been successfully running it without much advertisement till now? Are you interested in attracting more customers? Have you tried but failed using traditional marketing methods? Online marketing can help you expand your business and get large number customers at low cost. You may create a Facebook page, list your business on Google My Business and create social media pages to promote your fitness class at low cost. Read below to know how you can use these advertisement techniques.

Create Website

To increase your online presence, you would need to have a website first. Website is the most powerful marketing tool a business can have. It is a store front for your business on the web accessible from throughout the world, 24X7. Customers may know about your health club from anywhere. Women can visit your website to know about fitness tips anytime. They search on Google for tips and can find your website. They may also know about the fitness programs, gym instructors, availability of group fitness classes, upcoming classes and schedule. They contact your centre through contact form, email or a call. They can also see your location and visit the health club directly. A website can also increase credibility of your fitness centre. You can upload picture of your customers while they are doing exercise or you can post their testimonials. It is very easy to create and manage website. You can use Google Sites or to easily create and manage your website without knowing any coding.

Create socialmedia pages- Facebook, google+ and twitter

Social Media is useful to build fan base, customer engagement and word-of-mouth advertising. Ask your customers to follow your page. Regularly update your page with the daily happenings, schedules, pictures and videos. Ladies who have liked the page of your fitness centre would see the updates on their page. They will like, comment and share your posts, helping you to reach other women in their network with your brand message. You may offer your existing customers an extra Brand messages on social media coming from friends are seen as a very positive signal. Friends of your customers are highly likely to become member of your fitness centre.

Register on Google My Business

Locally Owned and Operated businesses like yours can get free advertising on Google by using Google My Business. Google gives local search data when people search for products and services available near their location. For example, if a lady searches for Fitness centres in Noida Sector 15, and you have registered on Google My Buisness with Noida Sector 16 as your business address, then it will get visibility in the search engines. Setting up Google My Business is easy. You just need to put a brief description of your fitness centre, website, phone number, business hours, a logo and a few images of your gym.

Paid Advertising on Facebook

You can advertise your health club on Facebook with a budget of as low as Rs 40/day. Paid advertising is easy to set up. However, to get the most ROI, we suggest that you take help of a Facebook ad expert. The following links would help you understand the benefits of Facebook Advertising: Advertising on Facebook can help you to reach customers beyond your network or your fan’s network. You can launch unique campaigns to drive enquiries about your fitness club. CTA: Contact us for a free consultation.

Paid Advertising on Google

Google shows search ads when people search for a product or service.

You can view the ads for “Women Fitness class” on the right hand side. These ads have been bought by fitness centre and gym businesses in Delhi.
Click on the following videos to know how paid search ads can increase business for you:

1. Five Steps to Adwords success:

Search Advertising can be expensive and time taking. You must take time to learn it, or take external help to manage Google ads.

List on Listing Sites

Just like Google My business, you can get visibility on the internet by registering yourselves on the listing sites:

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Get 500+ Customer Leads per month for your fitness centres