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    Social Media Management Services

    Different business use social Media differently. For example, a restaurant uses Facebook and Twitter to promote day-to-day offers on menu, updates of new food items and to publish customer’s review. A fitness center may use it to update customers on schedules, publish fitness tips and get recommendations from existing customers. In the modern word, all businesses need social media presence either to build customer relationships, engagement, build positive word of mouth, build brand or get more sales. Get in touch with us for a free consultation on how social media can help your business.

  • Social Media Advertising Services

    You can leverage the huge network of Facebook to reach new customers and stay in touch with the old ones. The Facebook network is growing fast in India. It is accessed not only by the people in tier 1 cities but In tier 2 and tier 3 cities as well. Businesses which want to grow fast can advertise at low cost to their target customers. You can advertise with a budget of as low as Rs. 40/day. All the more, your each rupee is spending wisely to reach only the customers who will be interested in your product based on demography, interests and behaviors. Contact us for a free consultation on how you can leverage Facebook adverting for your business.

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Get 500+ Customer Leads per month for your business


Social Media Marketing Services In India

A Brief Overview

Harness the potential of two-way communication between you and your customer. Apply Social Media Marketing strategies to increase your sales. Let us help you drive customers to your business.

Why you shouldn’t go for it?

More Traffic on your website

Use of compelling and relevant content increases your Brand’s Recognition. Stronger Brand Recognition drives traffic through social media web links and search engine results. This gives your brand a higher awareness and visibility.

More Opportunities to convert

More traffic, if targeted correctly increases the number of highly targeted website visitor. Your customers can find you through new channels like tweeter or Facebook pages and engage to know more about you.

More Customers

You can increase loyalty from existing customers and improve service delivery to improve retention and increase sales.

Why you should go for it?

Well, if the reasons listed above were not sufficient enough then you may want to consider these as well.

Insignificant Potential loses

Plan your Social Media Marketing budget according to what you want to achieve – More Traffic on your website or more Opportunities to convert or More Customers? All this can be achieved at a much lower marketing expense as compared to traditional marketing.

Your competition is probably already there

Even if you don’t do it, your competition may choose to shout out loud about their business. Don’t lose your customers to the competition by sitting quite. It is time to showcase your brand to the world. The bottom line is: The longer you wait, the more you have to lose.

Social Media Marketing Services in India

Social Media Marketing is of immense importance for every business. More than 70% of consumers are influenced by social media to make their purchasing decisions. According to an E&Y report the use of Social Media in Indian Organizations is estimated to be much more than the global average. In March 2014, Social Samosa listed around 230+ social media and digital marketing agencies in India, out of which, more than 130 focus on social media marketing services. These companies usually offer packages made by bundling marketing services of one or more Social media platforms. For example: A Facebook Page Management package may contain activities like – Facebook Fan page Creation, Profile Content Writing, Average Daily Postings etc. Pricing of most of these organizations is based on the selection of these services. A basic package of managing 2-3 social media platforms usually cost around $500 - $700 (approximately ₹ 30,000 – ₹ 42,000) per month. Most of them also have a minimum or recommended contract period as well ranging from 3 months to 6 months. Some agencies even charge a one – time setup cost which may range from $175 - $500 (approximately ₹ 10,500 – ₹ 30,000) depending on the size of the business and its requirement. Based on the activities and the platform/s, businesses can choose packages that suit their Social Media Marketing budget and is in line with their overall Marketing Strategy.

Tips to apply Social Media Marketing strategies to your business

Create ‘Unique and high quality’ Content to get the attention you need

Good content can make you visible, ‘Great’ content will give you better sales. Enriched content and updated Facebook, Twitter and other accounts will increase the number of visits on your website. Signing up with these social media platforms is absolutely free. Keep these accounts updated with the latest trends in your industry, pictures and videos of your business and testimonials from the advocates of your brand. Each like on your page is acquisition of a loyal customer.

Advertise for Free

There ain’t such thing as a free lunch, but free advertising? – Yes. Possible. You need not start advertising with paid Google advertisements. Google My Business allows you to advertise for free, just by entering basic information about your business (Business description, contact details, and a logo/image). Once you set it up, your business account will be visible on Google Search, Google Maps and Google + across all devices. Contact us for a free assistance on setting up Google My Business account for your business.

Paid Advertising on Social Media

Get higher ROIs on advertising expenses. Apart from setting up yours ‘Google My Business’ account you can also advertise your brand using paid media. You can start off with Facebook ads. Allocate an advertising budget and show your posts to the people located nearby. You may also setup custom audience based on website visits, email lists, phone numbers and Facebook ids of existing customers

Social Media Marketing Services By SocialBloop

Social Media Advertising

Optimize your advertisements for low cost per acquisition and achieve the best in the industry CTRs through our engaging Ads. SocialBloop’s Unique Approach to Social Media Advertising:
Facebook-ads account setup
Setup custom audience based on website visits, email lists and facebook ids
Setup saved target groups based on target audience
Create campaigns, ad-setup and ads for easy control and reporting
Retarget website visitors on Facebook using advanced retargeting capabilities
Optimize the ads for the low cost per acquisit
Monthly reporting on results

Social Media Management

Build your brand with the Social Media Management services from SocialBloop. We will help you create sharable content, open dialogue with your customers and listen to their demands. SocialBloop’s Unique Approach to Social Media Management:
Build and develop fan base on your social media accounts
Create sharable content which generates earned media and positive word-of-mouth advertising for business
Manage page and engage in communication with customers
Monthly report on Organic reach of posts, earned media and measurable outcomes likes marketing leads and revenue

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Get 500+ Customer Leads per month for your business