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Real Estate Marketing in The Digital Age


Indian Real Estate marketing has come a long way from ‘Print Ads’, ‘Open House’ and ‘For Sale/Rent sign boards’. Print real estate advertisements that appear on magazines, newspapers and bill boards feature key aspects of the property with the expectation that buyers will come and enquire. They helped realtors target prospects based on lifestyle choices due to a wider reach and thus caught the prospects attention. Open House which was organized with the hope that prospective customers will come and visit allowed prospects to drop in on specific date and time and get a ‘touch and feel’ experience of the place. This technique gives the comfort of a brick and mortar store to the customer but again requires wide spread publicity. ‘For Sale/Rent’ sign boards are more primitive forms of real estate marketing and worked on the probability of being noticed by an interested buyer. These and many other means of traditional real estate marketing are essentially passive in nature which means that once the announcement is made, all that the Realty firm/agent had to do was wait for any interested party.

However, industry experts in India say that House Hunters and Home Buyers have increasingly become digital and rely on Online platforms to find the perfect property. Even though online property buying is yet to catch up in volume terms; property portals have caught on with consumers who intend to check designs and prices of properties online.

Most people use these portals for renting out properties as it eliminates the middlemen. The portals are mainly driven by revenues through commissions and advertisements from brokers or developers and funding from private equity funds. Still the share of online property business in the overall realty market in the country is pretty small. With speculations around better infrastructure to facilitate online property business, experts expect it to grow to around 20% in the coming years. These data show that digital marketing for real estate will be a very important growth driver.

Compared to 7 in 10 Indian consumers who rely on online research for making a purchase decision, the European and US Real Estate markets are more digitally advanced. US markets have seen 9 in 10 home buyers relying on the internet as one of their primary research sources. According to a study conducted in 2012 by The National Association of REALTORS and Google, not only 52% home buyers turned to the web as their first step but the number of Real estate related searches on has also been growing at 22% y-o-y. However, recent reports also indicate that emerging economies will play a pivotal role in defining the future boom in Real Estate industry.

The following graph depicts the annualized growth of Institutional Grade Real Estate in select countries for a period of 2011-21. This clearly indicates that growth of the indian real estate industry is much more than the cumulative industry growth in US and UK.

Thus, on account of a mature US and UK market, growth of Real Estate business in coming years will be led by BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China). To harness the profits from this expected boom, realtors in BRIC and primarily India will depend a lot on digital and online marketing.

So if you are a Realtor and are looking for complete digital marketing strategy for your real estate businesss, then read below. These strategies would help you to get more website visitors, generate more leads and business.

1. Manage a effective Website and a Landing-page for your business

A prospect searching for property may end up with your property in the results and having a tidy yet thoroughly informative website will differentiate your business from your competition. This will help your business to be displayed among the top of search results. Though the internet has enabled building your own website, however if your budget permits, hire professionals as it improves the quality component and thereby helps you get noticed. Moreover, to ensure that the website stays effective, devise a weekly plan to update it. This will add more value for the lead visiting your site. A great landing page along with an effective website can help generate new leads.Ensure that your property website and landing page are SEO optimized to get quality traffic from search engines.

2. Post listings in a Real Estate Search Engines

Search engines like,,, etc act as virtual marketplaces. Registering your property agency on these real estate listing sites lets you showcase your properties, promote yourself and get more leads as compared to traditional real estate marketing methods. The real estate leads generated through these listing sites are of high quality as buyers actively search on these sites.

Regular updates, adding required data on your offerings and interacting with potential buyers using these search engines are necessary to not lose the customer.

3. List on Google My Business

You can also list your real estate agency on Google My Business. When people in a area search for a realtor, your business name will appear in the local search and map results.

4. Harness the power of Social Media

Manage at least a great Facebook page and an active Twitter handle. These platforms reduce the response time and provide the benefits of word of mouth advertising. You can ask your existing customers to talk about your services, post reviews/photos, like your page to help you attract leads in their social network.

You can also use social media more than a pitching platform. Don’t talk about real estate all the time. Unlike consumables real estate products and services are not required very frequently. Most people care about real estate only when they’re thinking about buying or selling properties. Hence to maintain a continuous dialogue with existing customers and to start a conversation with prospects, you can use your social media accounts to curate information on deals and resources for your city or property neighborhood, real estate related or not. You can use social media to address user’s concerns, get them to share their opinions and lay a foundation of a long lasting relationship

5. Paid advertising

Pay per click advertising is yet another important way of reaching out to prospects searching for real estate related information. For Pay-per-click ads only each time, when a user clicks to view your ad and lands up on your website you pay the search engine. Based on your budget you can choose from many options available for placing online advertisements – be it Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. These are the best real estate advertising platforms in the digital age where people spend most of their time online.


6. Email Marketing

When done right, Email marketing can turn around business fortunes. Email marketing provides a platform to educate and engage your customers with new real estate listings, news, buying tips etc. Using email signup/subscription forms on your website, you can grow your database of customers who can have agreed to be reached out to. Email marketing is also cost effective.

7. Nurture your business with Content Marketing

All the things listed above are based on the assumption that you will speak to the target audience in an effective manner. Content Marketing plays an important role to make all these touch points yield the desired returns. Your content needs to be engaging, original and use keywords critical to your business. Post this content on blogs and other Real Estate related websites that are frequented by your target audience to improve the probability of it being found and read by the right audience. In Real Estate space, content marketing remains as a staple for producing traffic, generating leads and increasing sales.

8. Take online advertising services from a real estate marketing company

If your real estate agency is not big enough to hire a marketing team to manage the digital marketing activities, it is always advisable to go for an agency service. You can hire a real estate marketing company to do digital advertising for your agency. SocialBloop is one of best digital marketing company in the real estate sector. We launch unique digital marketing campaigns. We create high converting landing pages and then advertise the pages through Google adwords and Facebook Ads or through SEO.

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