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Digital Marketing Services in Allahabad, Varanasi, Lucknow and Kanpur


Do you have a business in Allahabad, Varanasi, Lucknow or Kanpur? Are you aware that you can advertise to your target customers at very low cost using digital marketing? SocialBloop provides digital marketing services to business in Allahabad, Lucknow, Varanasi and Kanpur. Read below to understand how digital marketing can be a huge turnaround for your business.

Have you tried to advertise your business using one of the traditional marketing methods such as Newspapers, radio, banners or pamphlets? These traditional marketing media are not effective in reaching the target audience. People don’t notice these ads. Also, the behaviour of people are changing as well.

There are various targeting options available in the advertising platforms like Google and Facebook which help you to show ads to your exact audience. You pay only when a person clicks on your ads.

Businesses that can benefit from digital marketing

There are certain businesses which have to gain from digital marketing much more than others. Restaurants, health care centres, retail, travel, real estate and education sectors can largely benefit from digital media.

If you have a restaurant chain operating just in Pune, you can advertise locally to your targeted audience in Pune. Internet provides you the freedom to exactly identify your customers by defining their demographics, interests or behaviours. Google enables you to target customers in the zeroth moment of truth. These targeting options ensure that your ads are shown exactly when the customer is in the buying mode.

Growth of Digital Media

According to a BCG report, the total internet users in India reached to 20 Cr in 2014 and would increase to around 55 Cr by the end of 2018. A majority of population in Tier 2 cities like Allahabad, Varanasi, Lucknow and Kanpur are shifting towards internet. Most of the population already have access to internet on their mobile phones.

People are shifting to the internet on a massive scale. India is already the second largest market for Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. India ranks third in terms of the total smartphone users. By 2016, India will leave behind US to become to the world’s second-largest smartphone market.



Who can benefit from digital marketing?

Whether you have a big business in one of these cities or you are a sole proprietor, you can take advantage of Digital marketing to increase your revenues.

Digital marketing can help lawyers, doctors, financial advisors, Real estate business owners, coaching institutes and colleges. These businesses need to reach their exact customers through advertising. Digital marketing makes this possible at low cost. So, if you have any of the above businesses in Uttar Pradesh (mainly Allahabad, Varanasi, Lucknow or Kanpur), you can opt for our marketing services.

If you want to learn digital marketing, we will suggest you to go through the Google Digital Marketing course.

Change in Consumer Behaviour

As people are shifting to smartphone, internet usage and social media usage is getting multiplied on the same scale. It is fairly easy and cheaper for big brands to advertise to Tier 2 and 3 cities using the ads on the internet.

With our ad campaigns in Allahabad, Varanasi, Kanpur and Lucknow, we have brought great results for our clients through smartphone ads. We showed mobile missed call ads to customers in these cities, leads started flowing. Each client got 40-80 missed calls in just a period of a two weeks. These leads were high quality leads and the clients got high return on investment.

Digital Marketing Platforms

Here is a list of digital marketing platforms that are used by business.

  • 1. Google AdWords
  • 2. Google Display Network Ads
  • 3. Google My Business
  • 4. Facebook Ads
  • 5. Email Marketing
  • 6. LinkedIn Ads
  • 7. YouTube Ads

You can use the above advertising platforms as well. There is no minimum charge involved. You can start advertising with a low budget and once you start getting good return, you may increase the budget slowly.

Businesses that we serve

We have customized digital marketing packages for different businesses. From the start, we have been focussed on building brand awareness and generating customer enquiries for our clients. More enquiries mean more conversions and more business. Here is a list of business that we cater to:

About SocialBloop is a highly rated online marketing agency in India. We have serviced dozen of clients helping them both in Inbound and paid marketing. We bring customer enquires(Leads) for clients through Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Search engine optimization, content marketing and Landing Pages.

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