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    If you are an Arts teacher (performing arts classes, fine arts classes, painting classes, drawing classes, sketching classes, hobby classes, dance classes, visual arts classes ) and want to advertise your session locally to get more people to enrol, then you have landed on the right spot. By using the Internet marketing services of SocialBloop, one of the best digital marketing agencies in Delhi/NCR you can not only reach out to the potential participants but also increase the number of people visiting your classes. SocialBloop has unique digital marketing solutions for Musicians, painters, theatres, dramatists, dancers and singers. We can help you launch and monitor online campaigns that will get you more customer enquiries.

  • Be Where Your Customers are

    Today 90% of your target market is constantly connected to the internet. They form online interest groups or share their work via social networking platforms like art groups, painting groups on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. or videos on You Tube, Vimeo etc. Online marketing techniques help you reach out to them instantaneously and at low cost.
    Say no to traditional marketing methods like pamphlets, banners or loud speaker announcements. The world is going digital. Smartphones are everywhere and so is the internet. Your customers are busy on YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook. Reach them through these platforms by sharing information about your Arts club or classes.
    As soon as you launch a new activity, you can share it with potential participants nearby. This allows you to stay on top of your game and lets potential participants know ‘How Awesome!’ you are at it. This ensures a better visibility of your offerings and a greater reach to the interested audience.

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Advertisement for Arts Classes – Online Marketing tips


Arts classes, be it for kids or aspiring artists or just a hobbyist’s lounge – is one of the most fiercely competitive business to be in. Not only do you need to establish credibility in the eyes of potential participants, but constantly offer new services or launch new events for a continued engagement with current participants to ensure continuous business. If you fail to evolve then there is bound to be a drop in the number of repeat participants. Given the nature of the business getting a repeat participant is difficult; however, a loyal participant will be an excellent Word-Of-Mouth Advertiser for you. Hence, keeping a loyalist informed of all your latest activities is a better bet than losing him to the competition?
Letting the current and potential participants know of your recent offerings can help thrive your business. Online Marketing techniques offer you the benefits of reaching out to the right audience, at the right time and result in the right outcome to make your business grow.

Your Art Class’s Website

To position yourself uniquely in this space, you need to communicate something that the intended audience wants to hear and therefore gives them a reason to come. Having an upbeat website for your arts class with a clear message on the added benefit that you offer

– ‘What are you doing that is different’ or ‘Why are you better than the competition in the area’ – will strengthen your visitor log. Creating content related to your art classes, uploading pictures and videos of your events and allowing participants to post reviews and blogs will help you in getting a better search ranking for your business whenever someone searches for Arts Classes like yours. These days people having a hobby of performing arts, fine arts, painting, drawing, sketching and dancing watch YouTube videos and learn from it. Many dance and music teachers have their own YouTube channels where they upload session videos. Painters and fine arts professionals use Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Tumblr to upload pictures of their paintings and art. Like ‘The Musician Ship’ website that has a prime focus of helping children succeed through music, puts forth its message directly and upfront. Even the website of ‘Delhi Dance Academy’ puts forth its offering right on its home page. A clear communication about your offerings and who can join your classes ensure that your website gets displayed amongst top search engine results

Tip: You can get a free website on Wordpress, Blogger or Google Sites. We recommend “WordPress” because it is widely. Even our website is on WordPress.

Use Blogs to promote your Class

Blogs are an excellent way of sharing frequent updates to promote your art and your classes. If you have a website, make sure to link it back. Blog entries get indexed into the search engines more quickly than changes that you make to your website. Hence it is an amazing channel to spread the word around quickly and effectively. For classes that target budding artists, these blogs play an important role to let people know of the latest trends in the field of their interest and how your classes equip them with all the required skills. Even our maximum visits come from our "digital marketing blog" which we created to help Indian businesses.

Promote using Social Media

No business can run without keeping a tab on customer sentiments and the industry trends and running an Arts Class is no exception. Actually, it becomes further more important in case of such businesses as most of the potential participants depend a lot on word-of-mouth advertising before zeroing down on a particular class.

Having effective and highly targeted Social Media pages will not only let you showcase your brilliance, but also let your existing participants give great reviews on your efforts and how your commitment to the classes has benefitted them.

To promote your business on social media, try and manage as many platforms as possible – be it Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram or Pinterest. Remember the key to increase your reach is to be available at all platforms where your potential participants are.

Paid Online Advertising

Using Google Adwords, you can opt to let your advertisements appear on premium locations on Google search results. Using digital marketing services offered by SocialBloop allows you the flexibility of advertising with a fixed online advertising budget and generates customer enquiries for your business

Email Marketing

This technique can help you send targeted information to the potential participants, who visited your website or your Social media pages and shared their contact information. Keep the content of the email highly relevant to the participant, otherwise email marketing attempts may back fire and result in a negative publicity for your classes. This is a powerful technique for businesses that aim at providing highly professional services – in your case a professional Art class for candidates preparing for admissions in National/International Art Schools.

Register yourself in Online Directories

Enrolling in web directories like Skillzot, ThinkVidya, Yellow pages, Justdial etc. ensures that your potential customers find your business when they need services like yours. This also improves the search result ranking for your business. So, why wait now. If you are an artist who loves teaching their skills to others, then reach out to us. We will help you advertise your dance, music and paintings classes Online. Just fill the above form and we will reach you. We are pretty nice people to talk to.

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