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    You can double the number of footfalls in your jwellery and fashion accessories store with online advertising. People will see your ads on Social Media (ie Facebook) and click on the ads to see your portfolio of products on the landing pages. Your customers can call or send an email to enquire about any specific jewellery they are interested. 
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    Your customers have already shifted from newspapers and magazines to Tablets and Smartphones. It is important to advertise to customers on the media where customers spend most of their time. Many fashion accessories stores which started selling through social media have got huge businesses. If you don’t tap on this opportunity then your competitors will. Stop losing business to competitors. Start advertising online. Contact SocialBloop today.

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Get 100+ Customer Leads per month for your jewellery stores


How to advertise Jewellery and Fashion Accessoriess Store Online

Online Marketing Tips

Do you have a Jewellery store? Are you trying to reach new customers using Facebook and YouTube. Well, you can certainly grow your business tremendously by applying the advertising methods noted below. And yes, these methods are completely free. Incorporation or ideation of business is one thing but reaching to your potential or target customer is another or you can call the most important for growth. Digital marketing provides you the required platform to increase not only the visibility of your business but also instrumental in exponential sales growth. Here are some of the digital marketing tips and strategies to advertise your jewellery store using Digital Marketing.

Create Website for your Business

In today’s connected world where people spend most of their time online , it is absolutely important to have web presence for any business. One of the major issues with small and medium businesses in India is that they have least web presence. That’s why they are losing to online retailers who are sucking the sales of local businesses.

However, you can have an online presence for your local business easily. Create a website within minutes using one of the free methods given below. Note that you need zero coding or website designing knowledge for creating websites on these tools. Even socialbloop is created on WordPress, without any coding knowledge.

a. Use Wordpress: Create your new website on wordpress for free
b. Use Google Sites: Google Sites help you to create a website within minutes. Creating a website on Google sites is as easy as editing a word document.

Having a website also allows you to have your own landing pages optimized for conversion If you ever plan to go for advertising on the internet, you would need a landing page.
Contact us for a free consultation on website and landing page creation.

Register on Google My Business

Google my business is a free service by Google to list local stores and services on Google search results. Customers in your locality looking for Jewellery or Fashion accessories can search for “Jewellery Store in Noida Sector 16” and here is the result that you get.

The details of your business can also appear in such local searches if you opt for Google my business. Contact us for a free consultation on setting up Google My Business.

Pre-research before launching the campaign

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4 Ps of marketing is Product Price Place Promotion. Product and price is in the hand of business owner, they can decide what the product they want to sell and what will be the reasonable price of it.

e.g. customers for handmade jewellery are different from the customers of machine made.

Launching your campaign on Facebook and other social media

Advertise on Facebook

Create a Facebook page for your jewellery business. Reach your existing and new customers with your marketing message. Post pictures of new designs. You can also post pictures of your customers wearing the jewellery. Promote offers on your upcoming designs. Contact the best Facebook Advertising Agency based in Delhi, India

Advertise Using Google Adwords

Customers search for pretty much everything online these days. Jewellery and fashion accessories are not an exception. You can show your ads on the top and the right hand side of Google search results page or diplay ads on YouTube using Google Adwords. Google adwords can be a risky affair if you don’t have skills to manage adwords account. You need a proper conversion methodology, a landing page and intent optimized keyword strategy to build a profitable adwords campaign. SocialBloop is a trusted and experienced Pay Per Click ads management company in Delhi. We can help you run profitable google adwords campaigns which not only bring more leads but more customers as well.

Use Sponsored Stories to Get Likes

Run Facebook ads that showcase that their friends Likes and used your brand. Sponsored stories take word-of-mouth recommendations and promotion. It is their friend saying and not you “Hey look I have liked this and want to tell you”.

Use Check-in features to promote your store location

Powerful ways of advertisement and boost customer’s footfalls. It creates ads for customer’s friends when they check-in at your store.

Optimize and analyse your ad-manager campaign

Your have to regularly analyse and monitor the campaigns you have set to optimize the return of marketing investments.Update ads and targeting audiences often to effectively find your right customer.

To know more on how to use Facebook to promote your business, read our article: Why Businesses Need a Facebook Marketing Plan .

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