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Invest time in creating SEO optimized content on your education institute’s website. Students search and find your content(Test Papers, e-book, previous year’s solution) through search engines (Google, bing, yahoo etc)

Landing Page with Offers

Promote to students with offers on popular courses through a high converting landing page. Create a landing page for free seminars, downloadable e-books & mock papers and scholarship tests.

Design Killer Ads

Send strong message to the students by designing appealing online advertisements. It's important that audience notice your ads and click on it. The ads should contain call-to-action and information about the landing page.

High ROI Ad Campaigns

Launch highly targeted Facebook Ad campaigns and keyword targeted PPC ad (Google Adwords) campaigns with the top Online Marketing Company in India. We ensure that your ads reach the students at low cost.

Effective Email Campaigns

Build long term relationships with current and prospective students by sending timely and relevant emails. You could send mock papers, practice questions, concepts & solutions periodically to engage them and build trust.

Build Brand with Social Media

Social Media is a powerful medium for building long term brand relationship with students. Get earned media through shares and likes. Design a social media marketing strategy, share important content and news with students.

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Tips on Advertising Education Institute Online


Advertisement is important for your coaching institute to promote the business. Even though word of mouth advertising works great for coaching institutes, advertising has its own importance. It helps to amplify your word-of-mouth promotion to get new customers.

Advertising helps you in building a big brand, which could then get you easy customers and you would be able to charge higher for your services. If you would invest a few extra hours and money today, you will get huge returns in the future.

Here are a few techniques to advertise your coaching institute at low cost:

Social Advertising
Social advertising means advertising on social media such as Facebook, twitter, youtube and linkedin. Advertise on youtube: There are many videos and posts that spread virally through the Internet. Video are the best ways to advertise as people like to watch videos. Create videos of your current students giving reviews about your business. Record videos of your classroom and teaching methodology. Ask your current students to share these videos on their Facebook pages.

Advertise your coaching institute on Facebook, Twitter and Google+
Create a Facebook page for your coaching institutes. Connect to your existing and new customers. Post frequent updates about your institute. You can also post about upcoming classes, free classes or free materials for trial. To know more on how to use Social Media to promote your business, read our article: Why Businesses Need a Facebook Marketing Plan.

Advertise on Marketplaces
You can list your coaching center and advertise on the following online marketplaces to get free visibility: a. ThinkVidya b. OLX c. Quikr  

Advertise on Radio
Radio is one of the fastest way to advertise coaching services. It has a large scale and helps you to gain visibility instantly. However, it is costly than the online mediums. The initial cost involved in planning and designing the ad-campaign is higher as well.  

Advertise on Google Maps
Google maps are great places to get visibility of your coaching center. Here is a comprehensive article on how to list your business on Google Maps. Google maps helps you to advertise your coaching business as your coaching institute’s address would be searchable on Google and Google maps. New students and their parents can easily search you on Google once they hear about you from their friends or see any of your offline ads.

Internet is a powerful information and sales channel for advertising. It is absolutely important to leverage the power given be internet for free or low cost advertising. It helps you to collect comprehensive and richer insights about markets, customers, prospects, and competitors. As a coaching business owner, you should leverage social media to amplify your brand message.  

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SocialBloop is a top quality Online marketing company in Delhi We service clients in education sector throughout India. We leverage Online marketing strategy, email marketing, landing page design, Pay-Per-Click advertising, Social Media advertising, content strategy and Inbound marketing to advertise your education institute online and get more students for you.

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