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Why It Is Important to Advertise?


Attract High Quality Students to your college

A successful advertising campaign can create a positive image about your MBA/Engineering College. High quality students get to know about the opportunity to join your college.

Showcase what differentiates your college

It’s not all about placements. Why should quality students join your institute instead of your competitor’s? Is it all about placements? Put your differentiating factor in front of students.

Does your institute have 24 hrs internet access? Did any of your college students win a national competition? You can also promote your unique curriculum stressing on the holistic development of students.

Build a National Brand

If good quality students join your MBA or Engineering College, they get better placements and achieve far more than average students. Their achievements add to your brand.
When they graduate, they get good placements, and the brand image of your institute improves further. This creates a virtuous circle and continuously and helps you to become a national brand.

Online Marketing Strategy For Your Engineering and MBA College

Online Marketing Tips

Students spend significant amount of their time on Mobile phones and desktops accessing internet. The Internet and Smartphone phenomenon has reached a huge scale. Students do research on the institutes they are going to join or study. How do you ensure that your college’s brand message reaches these students?

You can leverage the internet and smartphone penetration in your target segment. Here is a marketing strategy for your college:

Advertise on Google Search Ads: You can bid for keywords like “MBA Admissions”, “MBA Colleges”, “BTech Admission”, “BTech in Computer Science”. Here is a google search volume data for MBA related keywords

Data from Google AdWords Keyword Tool as on 3rd April 2015

The search volumes are huge. These are just a few keywords to start with. There would be 100s of other keywords for which your ads would be relevant to the user. Now let’s do a search for “MBA Courses” in Google.

Data from Google Search as on 3rd April 2015

As you can see, on the top and right side of the Google Search, we have ads from different colleges. You can show your ads as well.
Google Search ads are highly useful to capture students with the right intent. With a proper account structure, you can ensure that your ads are getting displayed only to the people interested in MBA or engineering admissions.

You can further dissect the above audience to target students from particular regions only. For example, if all of your students come from Northern Indian states, then you can only target the northern states with your ads. Facebook is very useful to reach targeted audience at small budgets. With proper targeting options, you can expect high return on investment. You can show linked ads to get visits on your desktop or Mobile landing pages. You will see a guaranteed increase in student inquiries from these ads.

Advertise on Facebook

Facebook is a great platform to reach the young generation with your marketing message. Young people in the age group of 18-24 spend significant portion of their time on the internet (esp. on Facebook, Whatsapp and Youtube). Facebook has huge demographic and interests data which you can use to show ads to the potential students. If you have an MBA college in Delhi, then you can show your ads to the following audience:
Age Group: 20- 26
Interests: MBA, GMAT, CAT

Advertise on Google Display Network

Using Google Display network you can show ads while students are surfing the web. You can select only few popular websites which students interested in MBA or Engineering admissions visit regularly. Display network work more effectively in brand building than direct results. You may not see a significant jump in the number of enquires generated. However, students would remember the college from the ads. They may visit the college’s website later to know more about the courses and curriculum.

Advertise on Youtube

Youtube shows both video and text ads. Text ads displayed on YouTube work in the same way as the Google Display Network. You can target your ads based on audience’s interests which is derived from their browsing behaviour. You can also retarget your previous site visitors with the YouTube Ads to bring them back to your site. Youtube Video ads are a great way to create a solid brand among the right target audience. If you can’t afford the pricing of TV ads or if you think that TV ads are not worth their price, then go ahead with YouTube videos ads.

Online advertising offers great flexibility in advertising. You can start with a very low budget and then scale up to high budgets, when you start realizing the benefits. It’s absolutely important for your college to resonate with the current trends and aspirations of young generation. New generation is adept to online media completely and if you showcase your college on the internet, students are more likely to take admission in your institute.

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