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    Get 500 Customer Enquires Per Month

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    Make your customers visit your Salon and not the newspaper classified advertisement section.
    No longer does a modern woman browse through newspapers or tune in to radio to get information about a Beauty Parlour. Either they look up the internet or go by the word of mouth. Most women prefer browsing through web pages and search engines to find the right Beauty Salon for themselves.Only if the women in your locality know about your saloon, they will do word of mouth advertising about it.. This re-establishes that importance of advertising effectively over the internet. is amongst the best agencies for Online Marketing for locally owned businesses. We understand the psychology of your clients and their online behaviour. Using our expertise and understanding, we can help you reach out to your customers where they are always present – i.e. online.

    John Doe

Get 500 Customer Leads per month for your beauty parlours


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Online Marketing Tips


Salon marketing requires detailed planning and impeccable execution. If you are not making a mark for yourself, you are lagging behind. The key to a successful salon business is to ensure that you give prospects enough reasons to try your business and plenty more reasons to become loyalists.
Beauty Parlour business is one space where there is fierce competition. Opting for right Online marketing techniques can help you get more customers at much lower cost as compared to traditional marketing methods. Read more to know how you can leverage the latent potential of these techniques:

Your Beauty Salon’s Website

Having a professional lookingwebsite will attract more visitors by improving search rankings of your business and displaying it in top search results when prospects search for services offered by you over the internet. This is usually the first impression a potential client has of your business and should provide a snapshot of the experience the client will have at your parlour. Having a chic and welcoming website also helps build credibility of your business. Prospects are more willing to visit businesses with websites that list down the key information upfront. Some of these points are:

Consider Search Engine Optimization while designing your website. This may not always yield an immediate result, but is an inexpensive way to make your business visible online. Harness the potential of viral marketing, this will boost your website’s ranking on search engines.
You can use Google Sites or to easily create and manage your website without knowing any coding. Contact us for a free consultation on website creation.

Register on Google My Business

Google my business is an initiative by Google to give more visibility to local businesses when people in a locality search for a specific product or service. For example, if I search “Beauty Parlours in Delhi”, Google gives me the following results:

If you see the results above, websites and addresses of Saloons in Delhi are listed. You can get your beauty spa similarly listed on Google using Google My Business.
You can easily Setup Google My Business. You just need to put a few details such as brief description of your fbeauty parlour, website, phone number, business hours, a logo and a few images of your beauty parlour.
Contact us for a free consultation on setting up Google My Business.

Create Social Media Pages

Create and manage all of your social media sites and keep a pulse on your clients’ feedback. Stay connected with your clients not only within your business premises but also via these social media platforms. Listen to what your clients have to say about your services and products. You may start with the big two – facebook and Google+ then move to twitter once you have mastered the other two. You can also promote your important web and links so that the massive untapped pool of potential customers can know where you are available online.

Online Advertising with Facebook and Google

You can even advertise your business on Facebook with paid ads. Allocate an advertising budget and show your posts to the people located nearby. You may also setup custom audience based on website visits, email lists, phone numbers and Facebook IDs of existing customers. Google Adwords allow your business website to appear on premium locations on the Google search result page.Setting up an advertisement budget and using effective ad content will make your business more visible to clients near you. See Five Steps to Adwords success

Enrol on Review Websites and online directories

Beauty Parlours heavily rely on word-of-mouth advertising. Not only your employees but also your loyal clientele help you build your business through giving good ratings and raving reviews on websites like and
Listing your business on web directories like Yelp , Yahoo , Bing ,Yellow Pages etc, allow prospects to find you through more avenues and will also make your website appear higher in web search results. Additionally you can become verified merchant on most directories sites.
You may also opt for our Digital Marketing service and we would help you to advertise on Facebook and Google.
To avail any of our services, please fill the above form.

How Can SocialBloop Help

Take a look at how we can help you reach out to your potential customers –
• Web Content Creation - SocialBloop can help you develop relevant web contentyou’re your websiteto establish a strong online presence. This will help your potential clients to search and find your business through social media (Facebook, Google+ and Twitter) and search engines.
• Ads Campaign Design – Once your content gets your advertisement visible to the potential customers, your advertisements should compel the customers to click and view it. This will have a direct impact on the number of customer enquiries.
• Social Media services –Apart from a website, you should also create Social Media pages for your business and also advertise over the Social Media platforms. With our hypertargeting capability you can target the right set of customers and that too at a much lower cost than traditional media.

Implementing these techniques will make interested potential clientssearch your saloon website online, see your ads online and raise an enquiry either through your website, through a call or visit in person.

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