Learn Online Marketing 2

With the Growth of internet usage, a new field has opened up for Marketers, that is, Online Marketing. People are spending a lot of their time online. Internet time has encroached in the time that we used to spend on TV or Reading Books.

Online Marketing is fairly easy, and has low costs associated with it. It is being used by start-ups to big corporations. That’s why there is a huge demand for Online Marketers. There are many jobs in this field.

Undergraduates studying different streams are also following up with latest trends in Online Marketing. They are interning in this role during their summers with various start-ups. This makes them at least sure of getting a job after they graduate. There is definitely a surety of Job in this field, but not of huge salary at the start of the career.

If you want to learn Online Marketing right from the beginning to the latest trends, then come join us.

If you have an interview lined up for an Online Marketing role. And you are wondering how to prepare for it, come join us. We will help you clear through the interview.

We will be meeting  in Webinars and on Google Hangout.