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Traditional Marketing is Not Effective

Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

Have you considered buying ads on Hoardings, newspapers or magazines? Traditional marketing involves lot of cost whereas it doesn’t target the students very well.

Students no longer spend their time on Magazines or newspapers. They research online for study materials or for coaching institutes. With a proper online marketing strategy, you can help them find your coaching institute.

Traditional marketing has extremely poor targeting. Your ads are seen by random people who have least chance of buying your preparatory courses. You pay for brand impressions which don’t return any value to you. It doesn’t result into sales.

Traditional Marketing is costly. If you want to run a proper newspaper campaign, you would have to give ads continuously for at least a week, to generate enough buzz. This will be very costly affair and it is impossible for new IIT coaching classes.

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Why should you advertise online

Here is some data from Google Trends for Keywords like “IIT Coaching, IIIT JEE Coaching, IIT Preparation and IIT Mock Test”

Google Trends data for IIT JEE Preparation related keywords

The Google trends data shows that during April to July, the searches for IIT Preparation related keywords are at its peak.

Clearly, this is the time when students start searching for coaching both online and offline. It is important to advertise during this time.

Now, let’s verify this from Google Adwords data:

AdWords Keywords data for IIT JEE Preparation related keywordsGoogle adwords data also shows the same behaviour.

If you don’t advertise online, your competitors will…..

If you search “IIT JEE Coaching in Delhi” in google, this is what you will see.

IIT JEE Coaching Search Ads

Also, this is what your students are seeing as well. Now, on the top and on the extreme right, you can see paid ads. The students looking for IIT JEE coaching classes are more likely to click on one of these ads.

These ads contains text such as “Scholarship Test”, “Experienced Faculties”, “Lowest Prices” which attract students and make them click on one of these ads.

Students fill their details (Email ids, phone numbers) and then subsequently buy one of the programs.

Clearly, students research on the internet before buying a course from a coaching institute. Start advertising your coaching clasess to increase student inquiries and sell more.

Be Where Your Customers Are

IIT JEE Aspirant surfing Internet

IIT JEE aspirants search for challenging questions, solutions to famous books/questions, question paper solutions, mock tests and other similar resources that helps them in their preparation. You should ensure that these resources are available on your website. This will help you to get visibility on search engines and get traffic of IIT JEE aspirants to your website.

IIT JEE Students search for resources on Google. Hence, it becomes important to advertise on Google ad words. You can’t win on organic search all the time. So, you have to search listings as well.

IIT Aspirants also spend time on Facebook connecting with like minded students and interact with them in Facebook groups. Facebook is a good medium to run display campaigns based on demographics such as a student’s school and his location. Start advertising on Facebook , reach students in your city, target students of specific schools and reach students who show interest in IIT JEE coaching.

Student surfing the internet on smartphone

You can also reach parents of students. This way you are more likely to make a sale as you are directly reaching the decision maker.

Advertise Coaching Institute On Facebook- Free Trial

Create a Website

To have an online presence or to advertise online, one of the most important steps is to have your own website. You can hire a web development agency to do it for you or you can create it on your own as well. With some free tools like WordPress and Google Sites, it is very easy to have one’s website.

We offer free consultation on website creation on WordPress or Google sites. Just drop your inquiry by commenting below.

I already have a website for my IIT JEE Coaching, but I’m not getting enough traffic

Here are a few easy and free steps to increase traffic:

  1. Consider IIT JEE aspirants search for on the internet. You can also ask you existing students with a questionnaire.
  2. Create a content strategy based on above. Create high quality and high value content for JEE aspirants. For example, if they search for past year question solutions, then publish those online.
  3. Post content on Facebook
  4. Ask existing students to share your coaching’s content or post with their friends on Facebook
  5. Hire an SEO agency: Even if you create good content, it may not get enough visibility on search engines, unless the content is SEO optimized. in SEO is a smart way to get high quality relevant traffic to your website.

List on Listing Sites.

Just like Google My business, you can get visibility on the internet by registering yourselves on the listing sites

Explore more online advertising tips for your coaching institute.

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