The problem (or one of the exciting challenges) with most start-ups
is that they are always resource constraint. Most of the marketing activities are taken up by the founders themselves. If the founders are purely for technical background they may seek marketing resources, but they lack funds to acquire it. This is where we fit in.
We bring to you the best of free online marketing practices that you can employ to drive traffic and increase sales.

So, you have developed a new product or a new website. But you don’t know where and how to reach your customers. You think that you would need to hire best marketing brains to increase the traffic to your website. Well! you are wrong.

In the age of the social media, marketing is almost free. With minimal investments and a lot of hard work, you would be able to have thousands of hits on your website.

Check out the social insights and marketing pages to know some of the easy practices you can employ. If you would like to talk to us, drop a mail at