Communicate with customers over email

As you use other marketing channels to grow your email lists, it’s important to reach them with your messages and offer on a regular basis. The emails should initiate dialogue with the customers. Employ the best engagement strategies in the email marketing campaigns. Take email responses as seriously as a customer call, if not more.

“We design appealing mail campaigns for your business”

                  Brand recall & Brand building with Email Marketing

Email Campaigns is a medium to develop direct dialogue with the customers. Get customers updated with latest offers and services with the mail campaigns. Email is powerful tools to build brand recalls among your audience.

“We analyze the products and services for which mail campaigns to be designed”

activity based emails

Activity based emails

Send emails based on the recent activities of your customers. Did they just abandon a shopping cart? Well, offer them a discount on the same products which they left. Send emails based on the click activities of other marketing channels such as facebook-ads and Google ads etc.

“We track and integrate with different tools”

Surprised with offer

Send Personalized Offers and Updates

Send personalized email to make your customer feel special. Send customized offers to convert them into paying customers. Make each prospect feel special by giving them an offer which is not available to anybody else.

“Design campaigns according to target audience”

build trust with leads

Build Trust with Your Leads

Email provides a direct communication channels with each customer. Your prospects fills form and gave you permission to send them emails even they are not buying from you right now.

“Convert potential prospects into loyal customer”

SocialBloop’s Unique Approach to Email Marketing

  • Analyze the product and services for which mail campaign to be designed
  • Analyze the purpose of the email campaign i.e. to find new customers, to get additional business, to build on relationship with clients or prospects
  • Decide target audience
  • Design Campaign having appealing graphic and texts
  • Track and measure the performance of email campaign
  • High return on investment guaranteed
  • Campaign level reporting and monthly data analysis reports
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