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The Ultimate Collection of Free Landing Page Designs

I am a marketer and not a coder. It was always a challenge for me to get my landing page design ideas live on the internet. There was always a problem. I didn’t know html

Content writing tips that will increase your website traffic

Ok, do I need to tell you the importance of Content in the success of your website? Why it is the most important asset on your website? Why you should spend a major part of your

4 Essential strategic inputs to start engaging your customers

Keep customer at  the focal point Customer may not be the king but he certainly is the focal point where all your efforts converge. Hence it is of prime significance that you wear the same

Top 10 Tips to Create Ad Creatives That Get High CTR

We marketers spend eons designing and copywriting ads for Facebook, Google display network, Search and for other places on the web. In an age where customers are overwhelmed with advertisements and sales pitches, it's important that

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Marketing Funnel : Key to selling on the internet

What is a marketing funnel? A marketing funnel is a marketing strategy in which you are constantly bringing prospective customers to your business, engaging with them and then finally converting them into paying customers. This

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