You recently started a business, got the company name registered in India, took an office space, and hired key people. Now you want your business to take off.  However, getting regular high quality leads is key to your company growth. This article contains 20 of the best sales lead generation techniques. Once you start generating high quality leads for your company, you can set up the sales process, and get regular clients.

Are you a service business in India?

Be it a travel agent, a real estate agent, a beautician, a yoga trainer, a zumba trainer, a tutor or any other service provider in India, generating regular sales qualified leads is a key to your business.

If you are one of the following companies in india, the lead generation techniques given in this blog would be highly helpful for you.

  1. Real estate agents
  2. Financial Advisors
  3. Software, web development or IT companies
  4. Insurance Agents
  5. B2B companies
  6. Wedding planners
  7. Photographers


What is a lead?

A lead is a person who has shown interest in your products or the service you provide. It is a person who is in need of your products or services and has provided you a way to contact him (his email id, phone number or address)

Once you get a lead, you need to contact that person and get more information/details regarding his requirement. If you understand that you are a right fit to provide the services or product at a mutually beneficial price, then that lead becomes sales qualified lead. You would then need a sales pitch to convert the potential customer into a paying customer.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of attracting potential customers to your business. It is doing the right things, so that, the potential leads get automatically attracted to your business.

Be it creating a website, content marketing or promoting business in the offline world, you want potential customers to contact you or provide you their contact details.


Lead generation techniques for companies in India

The lead generation strategies mentioned in this article are cost-effective and highly rewarding. I haven’t mentioned costly channels such as a newspaper ad, a OOH at a prime location or a radio ad. These lead generation ideas can be implemented by a small start-ups to big businesses to attract potential customers.


Here are some of the quick and highly effective techniques that you can use to generate regular highly qualified sales leads for your business and grow your client base.

1. Create a mobile responsive website

In today’s world of ever connected devices, a mobile responsive website is the first thing you would need to attract potential leads to your business. It’s your face to the world and makes you discoverable across devices: Mobile, Desktop web etc. Gone are the days of brochures and visiting cards, your website is the brochure for your company. Not convinced? Here are twenty one reasons you need a website.

It’s very easy to create a website for your business. You can create websites on wordpress, google sites,  or on Wix. These are all low cost solutions to create a free website without needing any tech knowledge.

2. Blogging or Content Marketing


Content marketing is the strategy of attracting clearly defined audience to your website by publishing and distributing quality and useful content. The focus is to build a loyal set of audience who follow your website or social pages and keep coming back to you for information.


In today’s world, customers like to do research before purchasing anything. How do they find you during one of these researches?


If you are in B2B space, building a clearly defined audience and creating useful content for them, so that, they keep coming back to you is a key strategy to generate leads.


Here are some examples of big brands and their content marketing strategies.

3. Convert your website visitors into leads

Once your website starts to get traffic, it is very important to convert that traffic into leads. When people visit your site and like your content, they may want to subscribe to your newsletter. You can also offer them a free resource such as a white paper, an ebook or a collection of online tools in lieu of their email id. For example, I have created a collection of content marketing tools which will be highly useful for digital marketers.

You can also build landing pages where website visitors can register for free ebooks, webinars or podcasts. These kind of freebies are highly effective in collective site visitors email id and build your audience list.

Create a “contact us” page which is easily accessible through the main menu of your website. You should also have a chat feature on your website. Here is a collection of free live chat application that you can easily integrate with your wordpress site.

Getsitecontrol provides a host of useful widgets such as chats, subscribe, promo which can be implemented to increase the lead generation rate for your website.

4. Positive Reviews and comments on website (UGC)

Have a testimonial section on your website where your customers can give their feedback or put in their positive reviews.  You can integrate Facebook or Disqus plugins on your website and your past customers to write about their experience of purchasing or doing business with you.


As people login from there Facebook accounts to give comments, there facebook profile also appears with the comments. This makes the testimonials look genuine.


Make the “testimonial” section easily accessible so that your new website visitors can easily find it and get influenced by it.

5. Word of mouth or customer referrals

Referrals are a great way to get your existing customers to bring more business for you. Make your existing customers your brand advocates. Ask them to refer you to their friends and acquaintances.

WOM is still one of the best strategies for lead generation because of its high conversion rates. You can also incentivise your existing customers when they bring in new customers.


Do you Remember the referral programs of Uber and OLA in 2014-2015? They offered Rs 250 free ride for every new customer that you brought to them. This has been a huge success for them in customer acquisition.

Here are some more tips on how to acquire customers through word of mouth advertising

6. Google Adwords

Google adwords is a highly effective channel for getting new leads. Use “search advertising” feature of adwords to show your ads to millions of people who are searching for your products and services. Google ads work on pay per click model. So, you pay for each click that you get on your ads.

Google ads work on “Keywords”. Keywords are search phrases which a potential customer might be searching. Please go through Adwords Fundamentals to know more on running campaigns on adwords.

It is quite easy to run search campaigns on adwords. Any business can start running adwords campaign within just half an hour. It is low effort, but you need to be careful with adwords. Try to use long tail keywords. Use Google AdWords keyword research tool and for finding keywords related to your business. Think what your customers would be searching at each stage of their buying journey.


Before starting lead generation with adwords, please go through these 10 common adwords mistakes and avoid them.


 7. Generate Relevant Traffic Through Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is key to getting organic traffic on your site. While paid search ads are easy to run, they are highly competitive and costly. If you are able to reach top spot or first page of google search results page for a particular keyword, you will get consistent traffic from that keyword.

Over the period of time, organic search has become highly competitive and it is very difficult to rank high for short keywords. However, it is easier to create content for long tail keywords and get a higher rank. For example, I could have targeted this article to “Lead generation”, however, I intentionally targeted a longer keyword “sales lead generation techniques”.

This article focusses on generating sales qualified leads. When we search “Lead Generation”, we get around 19 million search results whereas for “sales lead generation techniques”, the search results are 3.5 million.

Lead Generation Searches on Google

sales lead generation techniques searches on google

For the longer keyword, there is less competition. If you create an awesome piece of content on longer tail keyword, there is higher chance that you will beat the completion and get the top spot.


Here is an article on how to increase website traffic by using SEO for long tail keywords. If you want to learn the basics of Search engine optimization, Google SEO basics guide is the best resource to start with.


When you start getting traffic from Google, you can think of the best strategies to convert that traffic into sales leads as mentioned this blog.

Other lead generation strategies

Facebook ads

Google local listings

Events and Promotions




Whatsapp Groups

Referral Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Listings on marketplaces



Mutually Beneficial Relationships with other brands in your niche

Email Marketing


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