For some, traveling is true passion. A few of those have even learned to earn and survive with it. Only true entrepreneurs can tell the joy of making a profession out of their passion. I am not a traveler. I am a Marketer. I do love to go to new places though once in while. I am passionate about helping people in marketing whatever they do. There are many people who feel the inner calling once in awhile to leave their routine jobs and follow their passion. In this blog series for solopreneurs, I will give marketing tips for each of those dreamers who ever wanted to break free, and work on things they are passionate about while also earning their living on the way.

In this blog, I have created a step by step guide to start a travel blog on wordpress. WordPress is an awesome tool to create blogs and websites easily. 27% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online. WordPress gives you the freedom to change the look and feel of your website on a fly. It has a simple and highly user friendly CMS to create new blog posts and pages for your blog. And if you need cool features to increase user engagement on your blog, you simply need to install a few plugins, and learn how to play with it.


You like to Travel, why should you have a blog?


Successful bloggers often monetize their blogs by attracting consulting and speaking gigs, sales of digital products, freelance work, book deals and even job offers. Your travel blog is where you can showcase your past work for the world to see. You can even advertise it to relevant people: People who would be interested  in your work and give business to you. So, if you ever wanted to start a travel blog, now is the time.

Creating Your Own Personal Travel Blog


The first step of creating a travel blogging site is to get hosting i.e server space. There are several hosting service providers out there, but my personal favourite is bluehost. With their one click wordpress installation life becomes really easy, and your website could be up and live within one-two hours.

Bluehost hosting for Travel sites

Sign up with bluehost and purchase one of their hosting solutions. You can start with their single domain plan. Once you buy, it is quite easy to install wordpress on the server with a single click installation. If you are trying to install wordpress for the first time, it may seem quite overwhelming. Don’t worry, if things break, Bluehost’s support team would be there to help.

You may also need to buy a domain name suitable to your taste. The best domain names are the ones that are easy to remember. Note that you want your readers or fans to come back again and again to your site.


Select domain name

Domain name for travel blog


Remember that you are going to stick with your url for quite long. It’s best to choose a domain name that is brandable, easier to remember and that has keywords from your industry. 

Here are some of the world famous travel blogs and their domain names:

Legal Nomads: Food Travel

The Planet D: Adventure Travel for Couples

Adventurous Kate: Solo Female Travel

Nomadic Matt: Budget Travel

Wandering Earl: Long-Term Travel

YTravel Blog: Family Travel


The blogs above mostly have “travel”, “Wanderer”, “nomadic” in their domain names. Try to have “travel” or “trips”, “journey”, “wanderlust” etc in your domain. This is SEO friendly, and helps to get initial traffic to your website. But, don’t kill yourselves over it. The most thing is to have a brandable domain name. Something which is unique to you.

For example, if you are a travel blogger, here are some of the unique domain names that you can have:






Give Your Blog A Professional Theme. Choose A Beautiful WordPress Theme

Professional Traveler site



Don’t go for a paid theme right away. Start with a beautiful free theme. Free doesn’t mean that these themes are of low quality. Some of these themes are very high quality and elegant in look. Here is a list of 4 wordpress blog themes best for a travel blog:

  1. Sight: Sight is my personal favourite wordpress theme for travel blogs
  2. WordPress Twenty Sixteen Theme. Live Demo
  3. Hueman
  4. Semicolon

Any of the above blog aren’t going to make your blog look beautiful, if there is no content. You can start with one of these themes, build a list of 20-50 articles, get some traffic on your site and then move to a paid blog theme.


Ok, the painful and technical part is over now. Here onwards you can unleash your creative genius and be the original self. Grab your favourite cup of coffee and start blogging.

Creating Content…..But why?


Let’s start with the primary reason you have created your travel blog. You want to showcase your work, build a list of loyal fans and create your own personal brand. Once you have built this, you can monetize your blog in several ways – affiliate marketing, brand partnerships, freelance writing work, consultancy, creating your own travel groups etc. Take inspiration from established travel bloggers and how they make money utilizing their blog. Be it wandering earl who earns by organizing tours based on his personal experiences or Nomadic Matt who monetizes his readers by acting as affiliate, there is always a way to earn doing what you love to do.


Want to learn more on how you can establish a successful blog? Book a one to one session with me here.

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