I am hoping that you already have a website for your real estate company. However, in today’s world, creating a website is just not enough. You have to promote the website as well.

Once you have a website, you should start thinking about getting some relevant traffic as well. The first step is to implement SEO best practices for your real estate website. You should use additional methods like social media marketing, word of mouth promotion, press releases and referrals. A well thought-out digital marketing mix can help in building a constant source of traffic.

Real Estate Customer Demography

Below is some interesting data according to a report by National Association of Realtors

First-Time vs. Repeat Buyers:

  • First-time buyers: 38%
  • Median age of first-time buyers: 31
  • Median age of repeat buyers: 52

Source: realtor.org

The first time home buyers are getting lot younger.

More than 50% of the Population of India is below the age of 25 years and more than 65% is less than 35 years old. This trend indicates that the median age of the first time home buyers would reduce further.

Incidentally, people in this age group are the most active on Facebook. Real estate companies need to change according to the changing behavior of the customers. They need social presence on Facebook, twitter and Google+ to engage first time home buyers.

Home Buyers Demography

According to a survey conducted by Google India, 53% of overall real estate transactions are being influenced by Internet – Source. The same report says that “The overall influence of internet on the real estate buying decisions amount to USD 43 Billion (USD 31Billion for Residential and USD 12 Billion for commercial)”. Clearly, social media and internet should be the prime focus of real estate companies to acquire customers.

As more and more home buyers are making decisions based on online research, it is extremely important to have a strong online presence for real estate companies.

According to a survey done in UAE, 80% NRIs are keen on buying property in India, primarily in Bangalore and Mumbai. Out of the 15,000 NRIs who were interviewd, 55 percent were looking to buy for their own use with 45 percent seeing it as an investment. Most of these NRIs don’t get a chance to visit India. Clearly, these people will make buying decisions based on online research.

Here are some great Facebook marketing strategies for real estate companies.

1. Build a Facebook page

Facebook Page for real estate

Your Facebook presence will start with a business page. A business page on Facebook helps to remain connected with customers. It is a great tool to update customers without needing to add them to your friends list. Create a Facebook page today.

2. Build fan base. Connect with past customers.

Once you have created a page for your real estate company, you would need to build your audience. The first 500 likes are the most difficult to come. The easy way is to share the page with your existing network:

  1. Share on your personal social profiles
  2. Send group emails to your relatives and friends
  3. Send newsletters to your past customers to like your page
  4. Promote for likes

The above strategies can help build an audience of around 2000-5000 people. Now, you can start sharing awesome and relevant content to engage property buyers.

3. Create and share content

To promote real estate projects on Social Media, you have to create and share engaging content. You can create blog content around home buying eg. how to get a home loan easily or things to take care while purchasing a unit. Then, you can share those articles on Facebook.

Take care that you are not posting about yourselves all the time. You can share content from other sources such as news sites, blogs, and other Facebook pages. The key is not to bore people, rather delight them through social media.

Besides engaging content, you can share info regarding upcoming projects to help spread the word.

In point no. 19 below, we have showcased some awesome engagement posts that you can publish on your Facebook page to engage audience.

4. Create property landing pages

A landing page is an extremely effective method to showcase commercial or residential projects. A real estate landing page should be optimized to give all the information that an interested party might need.

The landing pages should also be optimized to generate leads. Use a strategically placed enquiry form or showcase 24×7 customer support number to generate sales leads.

Once you have created landing pages for all your projects, you can start sharing the links to these pages on Facebook. Here is an example of an outstanding landing page that we found on the web: http://www.tatahousing.in/thepromont/

The Promont

 Image Source

You can see the enquiry form clearly at the bottom. This is to generate leads. If somebody wants to book the property right away, they can click on “Book Online” link on the top right side.

Landing pages are pretty easy to build using tools like Unbounce, and Leadpages or you can hire an agency to do it for you.

5. Post pictures/high quality graphic images


 6. Post virtual tours if available

Videos engage people more than pictures. They are the most engaging tool to market real estate projects. A video tour as above can help people to experience the property without even visiting the site. It gives more visibility of the property to the buyer. If he gets interested in buying or renting the property, he can send an enquiry.

Facebook pushes video content more than the picture or text content. If you promote video tours of property, it will reach more people and cost per clicks would be really low. You can push the videos on other media sites as well, such as YouTube, Google+, Instagram or Twitter. Videos can include neighbourhood tours or home tours.

Videos are becoming highly important as more and more people do research related to home purchase on their mobile devices. With increasing internet speeds on mobile devices and the added advantage of on-the-go browsing, smartphones are shifting consumer behavior. Video consumption is increasing on mobile devices compared to desktops.

7. Post video testimonials of happy clients

Here is an outstanding video testimonial of a satisfied client:

Note a few things about the video:

  • It has been created by professionals who are expert at shooting great videos and editing them.
  • The background score creates a happy mood. This is a great strategy to build trust with prospective clients.

Hiring a professional movie maker can help you to position your brand as customer friendly. Evoke positive emotions among buyers and you would be selling houses on a fly.

8. Use interest targeting

Interest Targeting for Posts on Facebook

When you are posting on Facebook, you have the ability to control which type of people see your posts. Facebook recently launched location and interest targeting for pages. Post Targeting helps to ensure that posts are shown to interested buyers only.

Suppose you have a real estate company having its presence throughout India. If a housing project is coming up in Bangalore, you would first like to update people staying in Bangalore. So, create a post targeting specifically Bangalore.

9. Use custom audiences based on email ids/phone numbers/ website visitors

If you have collected several phone numbers and email ids of clients through offline marketing campaigns, you can use that data to build your Facebook presence fast. Facebook allows building custom audiences based on email ids and phone numbers. Once you have built custom audiences, start promoting the Facebook posts to this audience. As they already know about your company through their previous interaction, they are more likely to engage with the posts.

10. Promote content

You can increase the engagement of your posts by promoting it. Promotion is especially useful in the early stages as you have limited likes on your page. When you are promoting the posts, take care that you are targeting the right set of people.

11. Put like/share buttons on property pages

Facebook Like Share Buttons

Like and Share buttons allow website visitors to interact with web pages. You can see the like and share buttons on this page. When people share the page, their friends would get updates on the newsfeed. It’s a great strategy to spread the word. Social shares also have significant impact on the SEO rankings .

12.Use the post scheduling tool

It can be painful task to update Facebook page periodically. As an efficient professional, one would like to create and schedule 5-10 posts at once.

Facebook Post Scheduling

Facebook Ads Scheduling 2

Post scheduling could save a lot of your time. Now, you just need to create or find highly engaging content and schedule it whenever you have time.

13. Real Estate Facebook Marketing Success Stories

Residential Houses on sale

Stories and case studies of real estate companies which succeeded by leveraging Facebook:

At the end, here are some bonus Facebook posts ideas to supercharge customer engagement. You can learn from these and create a variety of posts to engage your customers and build strong relationship with them.

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