A website is the basic need of real estate businesses these days. To make 24X7 presence over the internet, you got to have a website. But, it is much more than just easily accessible information about upcoming projects. It can be a key driver to your real estate business if it attracts useful traffic and is optimised to convert them.

But, how does it attract useful traffic? Where does the site visitors come from. Well, most of the website visitors find your website using search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Social Media such as Facebook can play a great role in getting traffic and bringing leads to your website. You can also leverage Facebook Ads and Google AdWords for advertising real estate websites.

Changing Real Estate Buying behavior

Home buyers like any other buyer do a lot of online research before actually showing an interest in any project. Let’s look at some unbelievable yet true statistics related to real estate searches:

  • According to a survey conducted by Google India “The overall influence of internet on the real estate buying decisions amount to USD 43 Billion (USD 31Billion for Residential and USD 12 Billion for commercial” – Source
  • Mobile searches on real estate are doubling every year and about 40 per cent of total searches came through mobile phones.
  • 53% of overall real estate transactions are being influenced by Internet
  • According to Google India, the volume of real estate-related queries is growing at the rate of 35% y-o-y, out of which 50% queries are made with intent of a purchase. Notably, 30% of these searches generated from mobile phones. – Source
  • Around 80 lakh people search for real estate related information online in India – Source

If 53% real estate transactions are influenced by internet searches, it is very important that customers find your website while searching. If you have designed the website, SEO optimization is important to help buyers discover it.

Need to generate leads

Leads for property on sale

When property buyers look for information online, they would try to get as much information about a project as possible though the website itself. They would look at different projects simultaneously, compare projects and even put their enquiry.

To get leads for your upcoming projects, it is not only important to get more visitors to the property website; however, you would need a highly optimized landing page as well.

What is SEO?

SEO is typically a set of best practices that website designers and Web content producers follow to help them achieve a better ranking in search engine results. – Source

SEO is a simply a collection of best practices which when followed helps the search engines to discover and rank your web content in their search results.

If you want your real estate website to be found out easily on Google, it’s important to follow these basic SEO practices.

Real Estate SEO basics

Advertise upcoming real esstate projects in India

To get your property website found out through search engines, it is important to make the below basic optimizations. SEO can be extremely rewarding for your real estate business. It can generate large amount of leads and also bring potential clients to your business’s location.

Build website useful for users. Ensure easy navigational structure.

A professional web developer would help you build clean, beautiful and easily accessible websites. A website’s navigation structure means how users can find information that they are seeking easily. Google rewards websites which are user friendly by boosting their rankings.

Optimize for local searches

When it comes to first steps in SEO optimization, it is extremely important to think local. It is one of the easiest to break and get ranked high, and it delivers quality leads. People who find you through local searches would easily fill out the form on landing page and pay you a visit.

So, what are local searches? If a person is looking for rented house, he will just not search for “Rented House”, rather he will search with a location in mind i.e. rented house in Gurgaon, house on rent in Kandiveli west etc. These customers are extremely likely to convert.

Include following keyword phrases on the key pages of your website:

  • [City] properties on sale
  • [City] homes for sale
  • House for rent in [location, City]
  • Property agents [location, City]
  • [City] Property agents

Information rich content

It is highly important to add content to your property pages. For your property listings pages to perform well on Google searches, you should add as much detailed information about the property as possible. It will not only help you to rank well, rather, it will be useful to site visitors. They will spend more time on the pages reading the details of the property, and would be unlikely to move to a competitor’s website.

  • extra facts and features of a property
  • excerpts from your testimonials page
  • videos
  • photos

Giving detailed information conveys to the buyers that you are more open and transparent in your dealings. This will build trust with the home buyer and he would be more likely to buy from you.

Optimize for Keyword phrases

It’s important to include keyword phrases that are frequently searched by home buyers. In other words, how people are looking for the homes that you have to offer either on rent or purchase. To find out the keywords related to your niche, you can use the following keyword research tools:

  1. Ubersggest
  2. keywordtool.io
  3. Google AdWords Keyword research tool

Give your website a blog

It is not always possible to create unique content on the properties on rent or sale. However, to increase the authority of your website in real-estate niche, you need to create diverse content which is helpful to home buyers.

A blog for your real-estate website can boost your SEO strategy and help you improve your rankings through:

  1. Increase in the number of unique visitors
  2. People spending more time on your website
  3. Help to get traffic through engagement channels such as email and social media

Blogging can be a key driver of digital marketing for real estate businesses. Even if you have best SEO-practice in place, once a home searcher clicks the link to your website, if your site does not have useful and engaging content, they will not spend a lot of time. This will hamper your search rankings severely.

Use Images and Videos

Use Images and Videos on you real eastate website

Photos and Videos are the most engaging form of content. Home buyers like to see the pictures of the interiors of the homes. They would also prefer pictures of neighbourhood and surrounding area.

Including pictures and a virtual tour of the home can give a huge boost to your leads. As people see the property visually, they are most likely to be 100% convinced before putting an enquiry.

An Australian real estate company got 403% more inquiries for property listings with video than those without a video.

Most Important SEO Steps

All the pages of your real estate website should have a unique title tag, Meta description and url structure. Each of your page on the website should be optimized for only one keyword phrase.

  1. Title Tag
  2. Meta Description
  3. Url Structure
  4. Alt Tags for Pictures

Know more about the above tags here: SEO Basics. The above are the most basic SEO elements for a page, and it is extremely important to have them.

Optimization for Mobile devices

According to the Google Survey mentioned above, 30% of the property related searches happen on mobile phones. You do not want to lose this traffic.

Recently, Google launched a mobile friendly update on April 21st. After this update, ranking of mobile friendly pages has been significantly boosted. So, if you do not have responsive or a mobile friendly website, then you are not going to get much traffic from smart phones.

Page load time

Ensure that the load times of all pages on your website are less than 1 second. Google prefers to show pages with lower page load times to searchers, then pages which have higher load times.

Presence on Google My Business

You can also list your real estate agency on Google My Business. When people in a area search for a realtor, your business name will appear in the local search and map results.

Social Media Sharing Buttons

Add a retweet, Facebook like and share buttons will increase the social share of listings pages. Videos and pictures of the property have high chances of getting shared on Social Media. This not only gives you more visits from social media, rather it also boosts your search rankings.

SEO is a continuous process. It’s important to build authority and leadership

SEO is not a onetime task that would boost your website visits and put your website on auto pilot. Rather, it has to be done strategically. You have to constantly update content on your website and take care of the SEO elements for new pages.

Other SEO elements that you should take care:

  1. Interlinking of pages
  2. Long tail keyword opportunities

Is your website SEO optimized? Not sure? We can do a free audit of your website and provide you feedback on how you can improve search rankings. Let us know details in the comments below.


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