A live chat application lets you chat with your website visitors. There are many reasons your site visitors may prefer an easily accessible online chat widget. People take time to process information. Most of them are in real hurry. And why not, life is so busy these days. If they are not able to understand whether your product has a specific feature that they are looking for, they may just move to your competitors’ site. No doubt having a live chat on your website is going to help you increase your business.

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Key Benefits of Live Chat for Website

  1. Increase conversions

    1. Provides a sales channel: Live Chat adds another sales channel for your business. Why wait for your customers to fill leads before you can talk to them. If they have visited your website, they are already 1 step into the marketing funnel.
    2. Resolve Queries and Reduce Customer Perceived Risk: Customers would like to confirm whether they would get a particular promised discount or whether a product feature would be available or not. This helps them reduce the risk of purchase.
  2. Reduce Customer Support Costs

    1. Live chat support person can handle multiple chats concurrently.
    2. They can understand requirements before they start to chat with the client.

Both of the above factors make your customer support reps more efficient and reduce your overall support costs.

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  1. Instant Gratification to Customers:

    1. Immediate access to help.
    2. Customers can multi-task while waiting. Nobody likes those long waiting times on call, especially when somebody is looking to solve his/her problem. Online chat gives people opportunity to search for solutions while they are waiting for a service rep to join.
  2. Increase Visitor’s Trust

Ask for feedback or rate the support will increase trust of your customers. They will understand that they can easily reach out to somebody in case they need help.

  1. Help them to get required information fast

A customer may just be looking to solve just one query before they make the purchase. However, they may not be able to find that information easily on your website. An easily accessible chat feature can help you to provide the information to the prospect and encourage them to purchase immediately.

  1. Know your customers better

Sneak peak in your customers’ pain point: Nobody is perfect and the same is true for your website. However, if you would like to give your customers a great user experience on your website, you would like to understand what information they aren’t able to find easily.

An ATG Global Consumer Trend study found that 90% of customers consider live chat helpful and an emarketer.com survey found that 63% were more likely to return to a website that offers live chat. 38% respondents said they had made their purchase due to the chat session itself.

Here is a list of 5 best free live chat applications that are out there. Choose one of them and start engaging your customers.



tawk.to is a 100% free live chat application for websites. Monitor your site visitors and chat with them. It’s supported by a neat and highly professional dashboard. There are absolutely no limitations on the number of agents or the number of chats you can initiate. Its unbelievable yet completely free features keep you wondering where these guys make money from.

Integration is fast and easy. You just need to copy a simple line of JavaScript into the html of your website. The chat widget starts working instantly. There is easy integration plugin available for WordPress.

Tawk.to is also available as a standalone desktop application along with the web-based desktop application. What’s more, you can chat with the website visitor’s even when you are on the move with the tawk.to mobile app for iPhone and android.

Don’t worry if you are offline. The tawk.to app would store the messages received while you were offline and then deliver it to your email.

We were so overwhelmed with the features of this chat application, that we could not resist using it for our website.

Pure Chat


Pure Chat is one of the best free chat applications for websites. It can easily be integrated into your website ideal for both large corporates and to small start-ups. Some of the notable features of the Pure Chat widget are personal chat pages per member, proactive chats, canned responses, desktop and sms notifications. The best part is that you can chat with your visitors on the go with the iOS, Android and Kindle app. Never miss a potential customer again.

They have a free version available with certain limitations. Though you can have unlimited team members interacting with multiple website visitors at once, the free version is limited to only 30 chats per month. But the paid plans are great and come at unbelievably low price compared to competing products in the market.



Clickdesk is not just a live chat application for websites; rather, it offers a combination of Live-Chat, VoIP & Video, Social Toolbar and Email help desk.

You can initiate proactive chats with the website visitors while they are browsing your site. You can handle simultaneous conversations with multiple site visitors.

One of the best features of ClickDesk is that it integrates with Google chat and skype. You don’t have to login to a separate dashboard. Connect to your customers right from the Gmail chat application. If website visitors want, they can turn the chat conversation into a live audio/video call right from your website.

Sites built on WordPress can easily integrate a free ClickDesk chat app in their website by just installing a plugin. However, the free version has certain limitations. You can have only one agent who can chat with only one website visitor at a time. The upgraded version available for $16.99 could be more useful for small businesses.



Give real time support to your customers with the Zopim chat app. Zopim is among the most popular live chat support software with several enticing features. Easily start chats with visitors using proactive chats. Why wait for the visitors to ask a question?

Zopim has a clean and professional dashboard which helps you to focus your efforts on the customers who need your help the most. It is packed with analytic tools which help you to monitor the performance of agents in real time. See the average response time of your agents, wait time of customers or number of incoming chats in queue. It is great enterprise level software which also has a free version.

The free version is ideal for one person businesses. The number of agents is limited to 1 agent who can handle only 1 chat at a time. However, their basic version comes at an attractive price of just $11.20 per agent.



Mylivechat is not only a real-time and fast performance live chat solution for your website, but it also lets you have a sneak peak at your visitors. You can see the source of the visitor, pages they have visited on your site and currently active pages. Invite website visitors to chat with you using proactive invitations.

One agent can handle multiple chat sessions at the same time. You can easily customize the visitor pop-up messenger by uploading your logo and agent photo.

The free version has a limitation of only 1 agent. However, the agent can handle as many chats as possible.

Let us know which web chat application you use for your website and why it’s awesome.

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