Ok, do I need to tell you the importance of Content in the success of your website? Why it is the most important asset on your website? Why you should spend a major part of your SEO time in creating and marketing quality content ?

Quality content is so important that it is recommended by Google itself in its search engine optimization starter guide. I recommend you to read the page 14-15 for understanding the importance of quality content.

If you hire any digital marketing services company to get traffic for your website, the first thing they are going to tell you is that you increase the amount of quality content on your website.

Here are the 16 website content writing tips that will increase your website traffic.

1. Write Unique Content

Unique content is about writing what no one has ever written. It’s about inventing the i-phone when others are still manufacturing feature phones. It’s about beating the competition by diversifying to an arena where there is no competition.

Why is it important to write unique content?

To understand the importance of writing unique content, you need to understand the search demand curve.

Image Source: Moz

According to this curve, “popular” searches make up less than 30% of the searches performed on the web. The rest 70% searches comprise of long-tail searches.

“Long-tail searches” are unique searches performed every day. These search terms are used only a few times a day, but when the volume is aggregated together for all the unique searches, it becomes phenomenal.

For popular keywords such as “mobile” competition is intense. Many industry leaders already have content about mobile. Established players have already written about it and it is very difficult for a new comer to beat the rankings of the major players

Are you writing content to get organic search traffic? Then for the love of internet, please select a long tail keyword and target that keyword.

Moz has a beautiful article on keyword research. I personally recommend this article to the reader.

My favourite Keyword research tools are: Keywordtool.io, ubersuggest, Adwords Keyword tool

Don’t create content without a proper keyword research. To address user needs, you need to know what they search for. If you are not well equipped with keyword research, you should take help of a Internet Marketing or an SEO company.

Recently, LeadPages published an epic article on “Unique content process”. In this article Sean tell us about the importance and the process of creating unique content. Sean mentions how unique content is seen as authority. Search engines value unique content by acknowledging its authority.

If you are the first one to write on a specific topic, newer articles on the same topic will most probably link back to you. Hence, you earn a lot of link votes.

The visits to your site increase not only through organic search but through referrals as well.

When people spend time on your article, and other websites link back to your article, the authority of your domain increases along with the authority of the article. This authority is distributed to other content present on your website and hence your rankings shoot up for other keywords as well.

2. catchy headlines

What makes you click a post on Facebook? What compels you to open and read some promotional emails while others get neglected?

People judge the quality of what they are going to read even before reading it by looking at the headlines and subject lines. Write a headline which grabs attention, arouses curiosity or provokes an emotional response.

Tips on writing catchy headlines: infographic by quicksprout, magnetic headlines by copyblogger
Tools to create catchy headlines: Portent’s content idea generator, Hubspot blog topic generator, Buzzsumo, Topsy

3.Write Often

Fresh content could be a huge search booster for your website. Fresh content is about creating quality content often on your site. If you have valuable content, and you keep updating your content, then users would come back to your website.  Here are a few articles which suggest how search engines use Freshness of an article in their ranking algorithm.

How fresh content can influence rankings

4. Do Keyword Research

It is not just important to increase website traffic, rather get useful traffic. Useful traffic is the which will become leads and then buy from your site. Useful traffic is what brings business and help you keep going.

That’s why keyword research is important. It about focussing your content strategy towards bringing your target audience to the website. Here is a list of considerations towards successful keywords research

  1. Find your key business drivers and think about how keywords related to those
  2. Think about the search behaviour of your customers and what they are looking for
  3. Find long tail keywords using tools like Keywordtool.io
  4. Find search volume of your business driving keywords and select keywords which have sufficient search volume
  5. Avoid the highly competitive  keywords. Some keywords would be straightforward, however, they would be highly competitive as well. It means that the established players would already have written about it. It becomes very difficult to beat the established players for high-volume keywords.


5. Take care of the most recommended SEO elements

Personally, I take care of the following most common SEO elements to ensure that my content gets better visibiltiy on Google.


  • Title Tag, Header &Meta Description
  • URL
  • Alt Tags for images and image name
  • Include synonyms of your targeted keyword.
  • Easy navigation to articles from website’s home page

It is highly important to spend time on taking care of the above SEO elements, so that your article get rankings which it truly deserves.

Useful articles on SEO: Search Engine Optimization starter guide from Google, The beginner’s guide to SEO

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