We marketers spend eons designing and copywriting ads for Facebook, Google display network, Search and for other places on the web. In an age where customers are overwhelmed with advertisements and sales pitches, it’s important that your ads get noticed and subsequently, clicked. It has become a really challenging task. However, there are incredibly useful ideas to break through the clutter, and deliver your marketing message. Take care of a few key elements, and I assure you, you would have huge improvement in click through rates and  better response on your ads. At SocialBloop – one of the best digital marketing services in India – we have tested these ad-creative strategies for many of our clients. Boost your digital marketing efforts and get more clicks on your ads by applying these strategies on your ads too.

Why ad click through rates (CTR) matters?

Facebook recently rolled out bigger sized images for right hand side ads.  After the huge success of their Newsfeed ads, they are trying to evolve the RHS ads on similar lines. The newsfeed real-estate is limited and it is constantly filled with feeds from friends and pages. Facebook could show only a few ads on the NF within a specified period of time without compromising the user experience. Hence, they are improving the other real estate that is the RHS ads.

Further, the RHS now includes only two ads at max. Limited supply means increase in prices. It means that advertising would be competitive now.



What it means for advertisers?

With decrease in supply and increased in prices, it becomes imperative that advertisers create high quality ad creative to get more clicks per thousand impressions. With the new RHS ads, you need to be super creative to get clicks on your ads.

Ads are the first point of interaction between your company and a prospective client. A poorly designed ad can break your whole ad campaign. Carefully think-through and craft your ad designs and messaging, to build successful online marketing campaigns.

Here are the 10 Tips & Ideas to design high Click Through Rate(CTR) advertisements. Explore the most essential elements that your ads should contain to attract attention & boost clicks.

1. Create what you would like to see

Users engage more with the ads which blends with their Facebook experience. Facebook users are exposed with the best information shared by their friends and pages they like. Your information or ad should give the best experience to your target audience. Thus, even if your audience are not ready to buy your product the first time they see it on Facebook, they would still have a positive brand association with you.

2. Use high quality media

You can send stronger messages to your target audience with high quality media like pictures and videos. An artistically designed picture would help you get noticed and stand out in the user’s NF. Creating engaging posts has two fold benefits:

  1. It helps you get more organic reach
  2. It increases the click through rates on your ads.

3. Use human faces with strong emotion


The above is a picture post with a lady who seems to be quite surprised. According to our Facebook’s page data, this post got three times the average organic reach of our posts.

According to a post on Adobe’s blog Facebook Ads: Top 5 creative ways to achieve higher CTR,

“Having people present in ad images improves the overall CTRs”

People with strong emotions attract attention of other people. They notice your ads in the newsfeed and read its content to know more. There are other interesting tips given in the above article.

4. Use all the components of your posts correctly.

High CTR Facebook newsfeed ad designs

5. Use few words, but strong message

Everybody hates to read a lot. Users have short attention span. Send your message in one or two short sentences.

6. Ask open ended questions

It is important to create engagging posts to get higher organic reach. Engagement is healthy for customer relationship and brand loyalty. One of the easiest ways to get more engagement is to ask open ended questions.

Create Facebook Ads that Engage customers- Ask open ended questions











According to a research done by DanZarrella of Hubspot, “Posts that include questions tend to get more response in the form of comments, but fewer shares and likes”. Certain types of question posts get more comments. Read the full article by unbounce here: http://unbounce.com/social-media/do-questions-work-on-facebook/

7. Use call to action buttons

CAll to  action


Use Call to action buttons to help users understand the action you want them to take after seeing your ads. There are several call to action buttons and if you are offering a free download or an offer, then “Download” and “Book Now” buttons would work magic for you.

If they clicked your ad to download a free ebook and got the ebook after clicking the ad, they would be really happy. Click here to know more about the call to action buttons.

8. Include current events

Give a context to your ad creative by linking it to a recent event or news item. For example, if temperature is reaching highest points in Delhi, then use that context to send your unique message to the people. For example,

“Be safe at home, away from the summer heat. Use the extra home time learning digital marketing from socialbloop.com

9. Include the magic words

Include the magic keywords “Free”, “New” and “Instantly”. These keywords get immediate response from customers. There are behavioral reasons why it is so.  Read the article “The 3 Words Your Customers Love Most” by Gregory Ciotti to know more.


10. Make Your Ad message highly personalized

On Facebook, you know a great deal about the audience to which you are promoting. For example, if you have a hotel booking website and are promoting to people who are flying to Mumbai, then you can make your mobile ad message highly personalized:
“mygreatwebsite.com wishes you pleasant stay at Mumbai.
Book hotels on the go at 12% discount with MyGreatApp. Download Now!”
This message sticks with the person. If you have grabbed his attention, then your battle is half won. Now, you just need to create a stunning landing page with a great user experience. If you have these, then you have much higher chance of success. Remember, nobody likes to look at ads and promotions.

Now, that you have learned how to create high quality display ads for Facebook, here is a bonus tip to get high conversion on the landing page.

Build a strong Ad-Landing Page relationship

With proper targeting methods, you reach the right customers with the right message. However, when the user clicks on your ad and doesn’t find the stuff that you were promoting in the ad, he is going to be annoyed. He would close the page immediately. How shameful would it be if you lose a customer this way.

Create Landing Pages Relevant to Ads









Other Useful Resources On Creating Quality Display Ads

  1. Google has provided some great tips on creating high quality display ads. They have suggested to continue experimenting with different ad formats. I have found creative experiments particularly useful. For a client in e-commerce, I used collage ads and  ads with product and price displays. Both of these improved CTRs to 1.5x-2x.
  2. 50 Strategies To Increase Click Through Rates on PPC Ads by Search Engine Journal

  3. Creating Great Ad Designs for Facebook by AdEspresso
  4. Facebook recently started creative shop where they showcase some of the best-in-class ads from advertisers around the world. I can’t wait to explore some of the awesome work, my friends and advertisers like me are doing.




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