There has been great hue and cry over this topic on the internet. Page admins have complained that the organic reach for their posts has decreased drastically. For instance, read this query posted by Sarah on Facebook help center: http://goo.gl/BwMhCY


A few months ago, Facebook made a major change in the way people see the posts on their newsfeed. The reach of the posts no longer depends on the time of the posts and the number of people who are active during that time.

Then, what factors decide your page posts reach?

Read below what Facebook has to say about this.

Will all of the people who like my Page see my Page’s posts in their News Feed?

It’s possible that an update you post on your Page may not be shown to everyone who likes your Page because News Feed space is limited. The News Feed algorithm uses several factors to determine top stories posted by people and Pages, including the number of comments, who posted the story, and what type of post it is (ex: photo, video, status update)”

– Facebook help center (https://www.facebook.com/help/536633796429273)

Why Facebook did this to pages?

Well! it was unintentional. It only did so to benefit its users.

With people adding more than 1000 friends and liking 100s of pages, their newsfeed gets cluttered with information. Obviously, Facebook has to filter out unnecessary information and put only the most engaging content on the newsfeed, to keep newsfeed interesting.

Who decides whether a content is engaging or not? Well basically, its decided by users themselves. Over a period of time, Facebook identified which pages or Friends you engage most with. So, it gives more importance to the posts from your close friends and pages. Further, other users can also decide what comes up in your newsfeed. If a lot of people like, comment on or share a page’s post, other people who have liked the page would also see the post.

Are you worried? Well! don’t be.


If you would like to continue to reach your target audience, there are ways you can do so.  Here are a few steps that you can take to reach the audience who care about you:

Create Engaging posts

To ensure that many people see your posts in the News Feed, try to create posts that your audience are highly likely to share, like or comment on.  To know about the most engaging types of page posts, click here: https://www.facebook.com/help/215169031896481

One of the truly great advantages of Facebook marketing is that people who really work hard to create great posts are rewarded. Use this fact for your advantage too. Create content which people would like, share and mention.

Create genuine list of people who like your page

Engagement is not a one-way process. If the people who like your page are truly interested in your products and services, then they are most likely to engage with your posts.


Ensure that the people who like your page are your true fans

Let’s take an example.  If you have an online store for Fashion accessories, their are two kinds of people who may like your page:
1. People who like your products, and would lik
e to listen to your Fashion tips
2. People who don’t like your products and may have liked your page in a hurry or are just junk people (Facebook does have some fake profiles)

If 90% of the people who like your page are of the former kind, then everytime you post something on your page, it is likely to be commented on, liked or shared.


Good Job!


Promote Your Posts

Well this might sound creepy, but sometime if you want to be heard you may need to be a bit louder. That’s what promoted posts are.  If you have built an audience of genuine likes on your page, then you might want to spend a $5-$50 per post in advertising the posts to the people who have liked your page. The cost per impressions would not be much higher, if you do the advertising correctly. Click here to know more on how to create high ROI ads on Facebook.


Important Update: Facebook recently released a news related to organic reach. Read why the decreased reach is in the favor of
users. It clearly conveys that the job of advertisers has become more challenging. The advertisers who create more engaging content would definitely be rewarded.

Organic Reach on Facebook: Your Questions Answered




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