Many Facebook advertisers just boost their post when they want to reach many people on Facebook. But, in this way they are not reaching the right target audience.


Facebook Advertising has become lot more advanced than what it used to be. If you use Facebook carefully then you can have high ROI on each dollar you spend on Facebook. 

Here are a few techniques that I have found very useful while running Facebook ads for my clients:

1. Create targeted Ads

Facebook advertising is maturing day by day. It gives you ability to target specifically your prospective customers. It is up to you how you identify your target segments. One of the most important among these is to define the demographics of your target segment. Once you define the demographics, you may save it as target audience in Facebook. These are called saved target groups. The saved target groups can also be use along with custom audiences to create highly focused ads.

target audience

  These saved target groups could be created using power editor. I highly recommend Facebook advertisers to use power editor. It puts real power in the hands of the advertisers. If you want to know more about the power editor, please visit:

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2. Retarget on Facebook

Facebook gives you ability to create custom audiences based on specific urls that your website visitors browsed on your website.

Visit here for more information on how to create custom audiences based on website visits:



If you think that it is very difficult for you to identify your prospective customers on Facebook based on demographic setting, it is advisable to go for custom audience based on website visits.

Custom audience based on website visits have higher probability to convert because they have already shown interest in your product or services by visiting your website. May be they were in product research phase and are still evaluating options. You may be among the long list of prospective companies which the customer is considering to buy from. It does make sense for you to target them with the right kind of message or discounts to get them to buy from you.
The CTRs on your ads and conversion rates on your landing page are expected to be much higher from this custom audience.

Are you facing a high shopping cart abandonment rate? 

How do I get back the prospects who abandoned me?

How do I get back the prospects who abandoned me?

You may create several custom audience using website visitors based on which specific urls they visited. This means that you can create custom audience for people who went till the checkout page but did not really complete the purchase. You may advertise to these people with a one time promo code to get them to complete their purchase process.

3.  Custom audiences based on your mailing lists

Are you fed up of your email promotions landing up in the spam folder of your prospects? No issues. Facebook provides you with another medium to reach the people who are in your mailing lists.

You can create custom audiences by linking your mailchimp account with Facebook or you can upload your email lists directly to Facebook . It will identify who among the uploaded emails are already their on Facebook. Once the custom audiences are uploaded, you may start advertising to this list on Facebook.

The most important consideration: Facebook provides all these capabilities at no extra cost. That means, that you pay at same rate as you pay for boosted posts, but you get higher click through rates on your ads and higher conversion rate on your landing page.

If you have just started using Facebook as a marketing channel and you don’t have a lot of ad spend dedicated for it, you may want to start with above three audiences to get great initial results. You would be amazed how much Facebook could add to your bottom line.

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