Content writing is the sexy art of creating information that your target audience are actively looking on the internet. As I explain below, a major chunk of the time spent on internet by people is dedicated to information search. It provides great opportunity for you to create content and get visitors from organic search and repeat visit.

So, What is content marketing? Let’s look at what Wikipedia has to say:

“Content marketing is any marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers.”

Traditional marketing is getting obsolete. There are limitations to display advertising or paid search results. Users either don’t click on them or use adblocks to avoid them altogether. Similarly, TV and radio have their own limitations. I am not going to delve into that.

A large part of our time is spent on the internet. Most of the time, we are browsing the web looking for content that interests us. When people are browsing internet outside of their office hours, they spend their time on mainly six types of websites.

  1. Reading or writing emails
  2. Social networking sites
  3. Search and reading information on websites
  4. Watching Videos
  5. Playing games
  6. Doing transactions

Content marketer’s challenge is to grab a portion of people’s recreational internet usage timing. Their second challenge is to make sure that the target audience visits their site and spend time on it. I will discuss more on this in a later post.

Content builds brand

“Content is a long term investment” It is your online asset. As it is true for any long term investment, you should invest time in content writing for your website.

Create content to build your brand

Awesome content engages visitors and builds brand

Your content or your blog should always be in a process to build your company’s brand. It should be able to carve out a niche, so that, when visitors need information related to something which you frequently blog about- they should come to your site.
Carving out a niche and making a personal brand for your company would separate you from  the other related sites.

Read this awesome article on how to communicate your brand through content. In this article, Dan Shewan of wordstream describe what constitutes brand voice, and how to develop brand voice through content.

Content drives new traffic

Some businesses are lucky because their customers are specifically looking for information on the internet rather than the product. For example, a company which deals in gardening products like flower seeds, equipment and tools. It makes perfect sense for them to write about gardening, publish latest trends in gardening, maintain forum where visitors can ask questions and answer each other.

There are many ways to improve the quality of visitors that you would get because of your blog posts. It is absolutely necessary to make a list of keywords, and use them frequently in your blogs. The keyword drive right kind of traffic such that your conversions remain high and bounce rate remains low.

Content drives repeat traffic

So you have started creating content that is uniquely valuable to your target audience. Now, sit back and see the cyclic effect it can have on your traffic. As more and more new people find your unique content through Google, they start following you. They can follow you through several channels:

  • Bookmarks
  • Save the article on Evernote
  • Follow you on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
  • Follow you on feedly
  • Sign up for your email newsletter

If you are writing content such that people see the value in reading it, then they will follow you through any means. They will come back to your site. They will be the most loyal people you ever encountered in content romance. Now, you just have to worry about ranking higher on Google or do advertising to bring in new lovers. Because the old ones are not going anywhere.

Good content spurs word of mouth

When people read a good article or watch a nice video, which is really informative, they usually like it an share it. It increases the reach of your article. This leads to huge increase in the traffic. It is beneficial to spend a little extra time on your article such that it truly stands out.

Content builds relationship

Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook have truly changed the way companies communicate with their customers. It is no longer a one way communication rather its a two way communication now. People now voice their anger when they are frustrated with a product, and similarly don’t lack in applauding  a company when it goes overboard to ensure customer satisfaction.

Create Valuable Content to build relationship with audience

Create uniquely valuable content and your audience would become your loyal buddies

If you happen to maintain a Facebook and a Twitter page for your company, then it shows that you care about your customers. Suppose you create a likable content such as blog post or video, and share it on Facebook and Twitter. It reaches out to your fans. If your fans love your post, they would either “Like it”, “Retweet it” or “Share it” . This multiplies the reach of your posts as it will be seen by all of the friends of your fan.

Visitors who feel that you publish some really good articles or share informative videos, might build a relationship with you on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This relationship has an incredible potential to bring both repeat and new customers to your site.

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